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Here Are Some Comments From Others Who Have Taken A Course From Personal Safety NC
   What Our Students Say
Thank you, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Champion, for an outstanding class! You are both informative, articulate, and precise in your classroom training. Handguns are a serious subject and you both approached it with the respect and information needed. You also made it so much fun! My husband and I left for the day wishing we could come back the next day because it was such a great experience.
  MB and Bill

Class was very informative and handled in very professional but fun way. Not just a boring 8 hr class of just listening and trying to keep awake. Would recommend to anyone wanting a concealed weapons certification. Just make sure and don't let your wife out shoot you.
  Mike M

Had class on 9/20 and it was really informative. Greg you are a very well trained and solid teacher. I'm not a good student and usually don't test well and loose interest while people are speaking. You kept the class going and it really is a subject you need to pay attention with. Looking forward to getting my CCP and doing ya proud.
  Rick T

I really enjoyed the class!!! The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful in getting us to understand what to expect during the training.
  Gabby N.

I took this class not long ago and highly recommend it for all of you. Greg makes it fun and you will learn what you need to know.
  Amy M.

I enjoyed this class. It was very informative and I would recommend it (to) everyone. The instructors are very knowledgeable and caring. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Champion make sure that you understand all of the course content. I look forward to taking other courses.
  Trudy H.

Anyone who has not taken this class should...even if you have never shot before. Greg has a way of making everyone feel comfortable..a great chance to learn the knowledge you need to feel comfortable owning your own gun.
  Sherry F.

I took the women's only conceal and carry class. I was very impressed with the patience both Greg Hughes and Greg Champion had with us. Even when we had to do our range shooting in the cold and the rain. I recommend their classes highly, especially if you have never had much practice with a gun.
  Sabrina J

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