Frequently Asked Questions

Concealed carry class is $60 if paid in advance and $80 if paying on the day of the class.

We have several guns available for you to choose from in a variety of calibers. For $15 we will provide you with a handgun and 30 rounds of ammunition. The extra charge is for ammunition and to cover necessary handgun cleaning and maintenance that is conducted after the class. Please choose this option when you register.

We have classes most weekends. We offer large group classes as well as personalized training for smaller groups who prefer to have a training at a location of their choosing. If you would like to schedule a class for your friends or family, please contact us and we will be more than happy to work something out that is favorable for you.

The State of North Carolina mandates eight hours of class instruction plus time on the firing range. Our class is a full 8 hours and typically runs from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM. All handgun classes offered at Personal Safety NC are conducted by professional instructors who are also law enforcement officers. We ensure all state guidelines are adhered to and state standards are met.

Personal Safety NC offers Ladies-Only Concealed Carry Certification and Self-Defense classes. You can register for them on this web site. If none are available, please contact us so we can get one in the works.

To be eligible for a concealed handgun permit in North Carolina you must be able to accurately make the following statements as part of the application process:

• I am a United States citizen and a resident of North Carolina.
• I am 21 years of age or older.
• I do not suffer from any mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun.
• I am eligible to own possess or receive a firearm under the provisions of federal and state law.
• I am not under indictment against whom a finding of probable cause exists for a felony.
• I have not been adjudicated guilty of a felony.
• I am not an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana, alcohol, or any depressant, stimulant, or narcotic drug, or any other controlled or uncontrolled substance.
• I have not been discharged from the armed forces under less than honorable conditions.

In addition, you must not have had convictions of certain other misdemeanor crimes (mainly assault or weapons charges). You also can not have a conviction of a ‘driving while impaired’ offense within three years prior to the date of application for the permit.

Yes you can share a gun with another student. This will simply require each of you to shoot on a separate line of fire.

You will need eye protection, ear protection, a minimum of 30 rounds of ammunition (more if you would like to practice first), a pen or pencil to write with, and a hat with a brim on the front.

If you have never purchased a weapon it can be a very daunting experience. We recommend visiting a traditional brick and mortar retailer who is knowledgeable and doesn’t utilize high-pressure sales tactics. Cross Creek Outdoor Supplies in Henderson, NC is the retailer of choice for Personal Safety NC.

For class purposes, we recommend a gun you are comfortable with and is easy for you to handle. Smaller calibers seem to present fewer difficulties for the new shooter. We are often asked what weapon or caliber we recommend for purchasing or carrying. That is a difficult question to answer because it is a matter of personal preference. We recommend purchasing a weapon you are comfortable handling and shooting. Visit a gun shop and handle a variety of guns before deciding to make your purchase. If possible find someone with the specific model you are interested in and see if you can borrow it to put some rounds down range. Guns are like cars in that they come in a variety of makes and models – What may work well for someone else may not work well for you at all.

Personal Safety NC encourages people to ensure that not only are they trained properly, but their friends and family are properly trained as well. If you would like to set up a concealed carry class and you provide 10 paid students, we will provide you with a free training slot in the class. We also offer group discounts for CPR training depending on how large the groups are. Contact a member of Personal Safety NC for further details on group pricing, or to receive a price quote.

We certainly do. Contact us for further details or to schedule a training session for yourself, or for you and a spouse or friend.

Unfortunately, we do not, simply because this would not allow us to run efficiently. If you prepay for a class and are unable to attend, simply contact us at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled class date and we will happily reschedule you into a class that has availability. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice you will be charged a $20 rescheduling fee. ‘No shows’ without prior notification will be charged the regular class rate to reschedule because this does not allow us the opportunity to fill your original training slot.

Absolutely! If you are a business in need of CPR certification or recertification, contact Personal Safety NC and we will be glad to provide you with a written quote and references from previous businesses we have conducted training for. These classes can be held at your business if space permits.

Personal Safety NC offers a variety of CPR classes to fit your needs. We offer American Heart Association’s Heartsaver CPR, Heartsaver CPR and First Aid, and Healthcare Provider CPR. We offer group pricing as well as individual student prices. Contact us for more information: (252) 226-0072

If a class has to be canceled, we want to be sure that we can contact you for re-scheduling. Also, when we offer new classes that may interest you, we can send that information straight to your inbox. We have no intention or interest in any other use.

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